Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am on a Diet

So last Tuesday I woke up in the middle of the night with lower right ab pain that was excruciating. After several tests in the er, I was wheeled into surgery 5 pm weds, had laparoscopic appendectomy and due to my "so low body fat" (as I was told) I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. After the procedure I've only had ice chips. When I was finally able to eat, I was given full sugar jello, yogurt, soda and a couple of other high carb items - unacceptable!!!!!!
I was shaking consuming those; however I followed the doctor’s orders.

Since I had returned home I’m still on the after appendectomy diet:
I’m having lots of those

Can’t complain, they taste good.

Homemade chicken broth.


As well as yogurt and cottage cheese even though I quit dairy quite a while

 and for todays’ special tuna salad with spinach, mustard and olive oil.

I hope to be able to return to myusual diet very soon as well as to the gym.

And, God,  I miss my wine…

Have you ever had to go on a diet due to some health issues or operations?
How did you feel?


  1. I was worried when I saw your post title! Glad it's not a 'diet' diet, and I hope you feel better soon. Please be kind - remember your body has been through a hugely tough time and needs extra energy to recuperate, not less - those carbs in hospital are nothing. And we need carbs!
    I had my wisdom teeth out early this year - all four, and some removed from the front at the same time. I was kept in hospital overnight and I struggled to eat what they wanted me to too. I struggled more when I went home - finding things to eat that were not painful but were still 'safe', and eating at all in such pain. And then there was purging, my ED didn't recognise such things as needing to recover from surgery. I was very scared that I'd bust something or infect it or bleed to death.. so glad I was okay.
    So glad YOU are okay, my friend xx

  2. oh dear. i hope (times 9) that you are making the most of these beautiful, healthy, vogue reading, detoxing of days! i dread the day for when i might need an appendectomy because of the exercise and food situation! i will NOT compromise my food morals and listen to a doctor, so i don't think it will be good for me. you are so much stronger than i could ever be in this situation!

    i did go through a massive surgery: bulimic breasts. i didn't give up drinking DESPITE doctor's orders. and because i was still bulimic, i combined drinking with vomiting to manage this down time. it was terrible. when are you able to next experience wine?

    i am so curious as to how you're feeling. i'm reading about it, but i'd never really know unless thrown into this situation. just know that if i were in lithuania, i'd be at your bedside, reciting glorious stories from vogue magazines to you (US, UK, France, and Australia editions). i miss you, and i hope that you return to daily blog entries. your entries are always the highlight of my days. you are so beautiful and audrey hepburn-esque. perfect! :) happy recovery, greta! i heart you! x

  3. My lovely friends,
    I adore you so much and the first two days after my procedure your bog posts (which I was able to read on my phone) kept me sane.
    I hate being in this situation. It’s awful. I’m sad not to be able to enjoy my usual day: the food, the gym, the wine, driving out to town and meeting some nice friends…
    The worst is the food: I’m scared that I’m gaining weight because I eat so many carbs and not exercising at all.
    However I try to stay calm and positive.
    Tomorrow I’m allowed to have some wine. Can’t wait. As you know, I’m an alcoholic… :))Seriously.
    Love you both.